Manito Percussion

Custom Solid Shell Congas and Drums

At Manito Percussion, we unite art and science to create sustainable, solid shell drums that speak to the ears, eyes, and hands.  Each drum is hand-crafted with the physics of sound in mind and the natural beauty that only solid shells can offer.



Solid Shell construction allows the sound waves created by the Steer Skin head to travel freely from the skin into the wood and cause the drums to resonate with very high volume and crystal clear tone. The addition of our optional Sidestrap hardware means that there are absolutely no holes drilled in the shells, and the tuning tension from the heads compresses the entire shell evenly.  Even compression allows the entire shell to vibrate as one single resonator for unbelievably tonal sustain.


Our sets of 2 or more drums are often crafted from the same tree, ensuring even shell densities.  Every set of congas is made with each drum in harmony relative to the others in the set.

The interior surfaces of our drums feature a specially crafted geometry which acts to diffuse competing overtones and enhance open tones and slaps.



At Manito Percussion, we believe that beautiful music should exist in harmony with nature.  Our drums are made from sustainably harvested logs to create environmentally friendly, precisely designed works of art.