Ardub Rub

At Manito Percussion, we offer two types of Ardub Rub for different applications which will improve not only the longevity of your drum, but the quality of sound and the prolonged impact upon your hands.  See which Ardub Rub would suit your application best and if you’re not sure, feel free to contact Manito personally.

Ardub Drum Rub

Protects the skin of your hand-crafted drums like a glove

Ardub Drum Rub is specifically formulated from natural ingredients to condition, protect and improve the feel, sound and life of rawhide drum heads. Ardub works equally well on any natural hide from steer hide to calf skin, mule skin, goat skin, deer or antelope.

Ardub Drum Rub is an admixture of beeswax in a time tested suspension with various tree nut butters and other plant oils. It is designed to be applied directly to rawhide drum heads and begins to deliver nourishing oils into the skin immediately. The beeswax remains in suspension until the oils complete their migration inward, leaving a microscopically thin layer of wax protection on the surface of the drum head.

The lasting effects of this protection are greatly reduced transference of moisture (humidity) into the drum head and a slightly tackier drum head which makes slaps and tones crisper, cleaner, and brighter.


Ardub Drummer’s Hand Rub with Arnica

Relief for the toughest demands met by drummers’ hands

Ardub Drummer’s Hand Rub was created to soothe and promote fast healing of sore hands due to hand drumming.  As a professional percussionist for over 16 years, I understand the tough demands that must be met  by drummers’ hands.  I created Ardub for myself several years ago after learning of the beneficial healing properties of Arnica Montana, a naturalized flower found nearby in the Appalachian Mountains. Ardub Drummer's Hand Rub

After a hot Salsa gig, my hands would be left dried out, swollen and aching.   I realized I needed to do something to counteract the effects of 2 or 3 hours of non-stop drumming.

“When used topically… Arnica was found to have the same effect as the use of NSAIDs (ibuprofen) in treating the symptoms of hand osteoarthritis.”[1] The thymol derivatives concentrated in the plants’ roots have been clinically shown to be effective vasodilators of subcutaneous blood capillaries. Arnica preparations used topically have been demonstrated to act as an anti-inflammatory and assist normal healing processes by facilitating transport of blood and fluid accumulations through a dilating action of subcutaneous blood capillaries[2].

Ardub combines the anti-inflammatory effects of Arnica with the soothing and moisturizing effects of several tree nut oils high in antioxidants.  We blend Shea butter with Cocoa and Mango butters, as well as Red Palm oil (Manteca de Corojo) and Olive oil, natural Vitamin E and beeswax to create a smooth non-greasy formula for use before and after drumming.

Ardub Drummer’s Hand Rub should be applied to clean hands  15 minutes prior to drumming and allowed to soak into the skin.   Following the absorption of the product, drummers’ hands are left moisturized and protected by a very thin layer of beeswax.  When used in conjunction with our Ardub Drum Rub, which is applied directly to the drum head, drummers will enjoy playing  a slightly tackier surface which makes slaps crisper and easier to achieve.  The combination of the products also creates a microscopic barrier between the rawhide and the drummer’s hands, slowing the rate at which the hands are dried out by the drum head while making music.




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Ardub Drummer’s Hand Rub with Arnica

1.6 Ounce Container of Ardub Drummer’s Hand Rub with Arnica

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