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Journey Through the Congo Cycle is an instructional video and more!

Come take a Journey with Ryan ‘Manito’ Wendel to Cuba and learn a rich tradition of rich tradition of Afro-Cuban Drumming from the Congo region of Africa. Our video brings you each lesson with complete step-by-step instruction featuring overhead camera angles, clearly presented examples and exciting live footage from Cuba. Take part in the forbidden Journey into this living Afro-Cuban drumming heritage.


Greetings and welcome to the world of Afro-Caribbean percussion. If this is your first foray into folkloric drumming, I’m sure that you’ll find a wealth of musical ideas and inspiration which can be applied to a wide variety of musical styles and instruments. In this series you will find many of the foundations of Salsa, Latin jazz, and Vodou roots music.

While Journey Through the Congo Cycle is primarily intended for musicians with at least an intermediate skill level, this video will certainly prove educational for anyone with an interest in Latin or Caribbean music.

In this video, we explore the three rhythms of the Cuban Congo cycle: Yuka, Makuta, and Palo. Through my unique approach, each rhythm is broken down instrument by instrument and includes several traditional variations as taught to me in Matanzas and La Habana, Cuba.

No matter what instrument you play, Journey through the Congo Cycle is sure to expand your musical range by introducing you to these timeless rhythms and melodies.

In addition to providing clear and user-friendly instruction, my video takes you on a visual and auditory journey to the barrios of La Habana and Matanzas where I had the privilege of studying this soulful music. The video is jam-packed with footage from my journeys and experiences as a student of this universal musical heritage. I thank you for your interest in my video series, and I’m sure that you will find this music as inspiring as I have.

-Ryan ‘Manito’ Wendel

Journey Through the Congo Cycle DVD/Workbook

2 DVD set includes:

  • Instructional DVD with over 1.5 hours of instruction from multiple camera angles
  • Bonus DVD with over an hour of footage featuring ¡Moyuba! Drum Ensemble as well as live drumming footage from Cuba
  • Course Workbook with musical notation for all rhythms and parts
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