Originating in Nigeria, West Africa, the Ashiko drum has a long history both in Africa and here in the United States as an instrument of community drummers, and as a means of bringing people together.

Wild Cherry Ashiko

In Cuba the Ashiko has two variants.   One is called Bokú, which is played in Comparsa festivals and parades on the eastern part of the island, and the other is called Bonkó Enchemillá, which is the solo instrument of the Abakuá tradition.

Our Ashikos are crafted of one solid piece of wood and traditionally strung with rope.  We offer the option of goat or cowhide, giving a range of tonal possibilities, from conga-like to djembe-like characteristics.

Our Ashikos create an immense bass response, owing both to the solid shell design and the shape of the instrument itself.   A Manito Percussion Ashiko is more than just a beautiful instrument–It’s a work of art.