Haitian Drums

Manito Percussion currently offers rope tuned Petwo style Haitian Drums. These drums are more conga shaped than Ashikos, but the tones tend to be more like a djembe or Barril de Bomba.The traditional Petwo ensemble includes two main drums: the Ti Baka and the Gwo Baka. They have the same shape, with the Ti Baka being a smaller version of the Gwo Baka. They are often accompanied by an even smaller drum of the same shape called the Katá.  Often the more contemporary names Manmán (Mother), Segón (Second), and Boula (Baby) are used to describe these drums.

Our Petwo Drums are offered in various hardwoods with goat skin heads, but cow hide can be substituted if desired. All our rings are made of stainless steel and the drums are strung with Kevlar reinforced rope to eliminate rope stretching.

Mamán 12″ playing surface x 30″ height

Segón 10″ playing surface x 28″ height

Haitian Petwo Manman (11 3/4″ x 30 3/8″)

- 11 3/4" head
- 30 3/8" tall
- 18 lbs
- Mahogany Stained Poplar Wood
- Kevlar Core Non-Stretch Rope Tuning
- Ivory Coast Goat Skin Head

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Price: $675.00